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Our national goal is to provide advocacy for equal opportunities in the areas of recruitment, assignments, promotions, and career opportunities. **MAIN Priority**

NGA BIG Goals:

Show the Value Added of NGA-BIG by taking on the role as a resource:  Establish rapport by  working with agency executives as a newly revamped entity.

Be Of Service to the Agency and the employees that work at NGA:  Co-Sponsor (Office of the Equal Employment and Diversity and other directorates to help prepare our workforce with the skillset for competitive positions and acclimate to Career Services requirements.

To Support Outreach and fund chapter activities:  Become a Recipient in the CFC (Chapter Fundraising) to receive donations (become a resource to community.


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Antinique Rawlings - President

Quenton Garrett - Vice President

Carla Lunsford - Secretary

Daphne McCoy - Treasurer

David Benjamin - Parliamentary


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